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Otto starts as the new Artistic Director @ Oulu Music Video Festival

Otto has been invited to start working with the OMVF - Oulu Music Video Festival in Finland as their new Artistic Director. “OMVF” is the leading music video event in Finland and oldest of it’s kind in the world. It was founded in 1994 and it currently organises the Finnish national competition and as well governs the largest archive for Finnish music videos. 

In the past, Otto has curated screenings for the festival and as well served in the jury of the national competition. He is super excited to start working with the festival full time. 

Here’s more information in Finnish.

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TRAILER: ALBANIAN VIRGIN (Dir. Saule Norkute) - theatre performance

Here’s a short teaser/trailer for the theatre performance ’Albanian Virgin’, written and directed by Saule Norkute. The still on Youtube looks bad, but the teaser/trailer doesn’t. It will premiere next week in Vilnius, Lithuania!

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August has been “The Music Video Month” at the Yle (Finnish National TV & Radio) and Otto was interviewed about his music video work online and also for TV. 

Check out the director interview here:

And a great show about last weekend’s Oulu Music Video Festival here where he was also acting as a curator:

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